Do. 10. September 2020 – So. 20. September 2020


Performance by Kollektiv international Totem


How can we coexist with our wildest desires? How can we live well with and through them? How can we reduce the violence we apply to ourselves and to others? In the manner of a search engine around the word “meduse”. Medusen reveals links between elements which seem at first sight heterogeneous, crossing Greek mythology, science and human history.

Medusen is a multi-perspective performance, which includes a video-walk, audio-walk, treasure-hunt, a guided city tour, a concert and an installation.

Video hier.

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artistic responsible / performance
léo collin

technical responsible / conception
leandro gianini

realisation / performance
nuriia khasenova
kay zhang

stage + costume designer
mariana vieira

software + web designer
dalius singer

nonsence engineering
eric larrieux

guest performers
cimon finix
kotzfrucht (10/11/12/13.09)
white pulse (17/18/19/20.09)

viktoras žemeckas
isabelle simmen

sina frank

dave masu
alicia olmos ochua





Do. 10. September 2020
18.00 Uhr
Fr. 11. September 2020
17.30 Uhr
Sa. 12. September 2020
16.45 Uhr
So. 13. September 2020
15.30 Uhr
Do. 17. September 2020
18.00 Uhr
Fr. 18. September 2020
17.30 Uhr
Sa. 19. September 2020
16.45 Uhr
So. 20. September 2020
15.30 Uhr