So. 24. November 2019

Il Circolo del Frattempo no.3

Sunday concerts by OUS

start: 4 pm
 end: 10 pm

Il Circolo del Frattempo is a platform, that aims to trigger a process of exchange between different forms of arts, humanities and communities, in order to act, react and connect. A sort of impermanent installation that looks like this:

Svetlana Maraš
Vincent Glanzmann
MM (aka Iokoi)

Loops & Bits plus plus AYAYAY aka Alper Yagcioglu are ready to put your tattoo on tape::
>> A modular synth is connected with
>> a Compact Cassette Recorder connected with
>> a mixtape of your tattoo and the modular synth sound of the tattoo

Join –OUS within Hyperlokal and be part of it,
because many atoms develop a mountain (aka MADAM).

The concerts are CHF 15.-
For the rest we have a Kollekte-Pot at the entrance aka you're free to give whatever you can and like. No list no free entry no friends of / just sound supporters.

Thanks to Popkredit - Jazz/Rock/Pop Stadt Zürich and Fachstelle Kultur Zürich for their support!



So. 24. November 2019
16.00 Uhr

Unterstützt durch